I have a Sony and CDRWIN finds it without any problems. I suggest you go directly to and find out if you CDRW is supported. I still prefer Nero over CDRWIN but sometimes it dosen’t always copy right and I end up using CDRWIN. Just play with both and see how you go.

Hi there,
I got a Philips CDRW and it works perfect with Nero burning. Here on the forum everybody is telling stuff about CDRWIN… Well, I tried it, and it wouldn’t find my writer… (he could only detect SCSI devices)…

Is there a new version of CDRWIN wich also detects IDE devices…


Hey Lotus,
Thankx for the advice. I downloaded the newest version of CDRWIN which does support my writer…
Now there was no problem detecting my Philips…
I too prefer Nero but I just wanted to try CDRWIN…


:o :confused: :frowning:

Well not my CDR 1600L.

I updated windows.
Nothing yet.