I downloaded CDRWIN and when i try the options Record Disc pr Bacup Disc, it says No recording device was found on the SCSI or IDE bus. I have a lite on 24 x. Thanks.

Hey, I just got the same thing too!

I replaced my writer with a different one (Que! 24x10x40) and now I get the same message.

Help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

This is unusual but I guess infrequent. CDRWin used to be confined to supported hardware but the Litey should work. I’m not surprised that the Que! doesn’t work.

Dan, Dan, Dan…why the Que! ? Why not just a Lite-On?!

There is different 4.0a versions, make sure you grabbed the latest.

Then lite-on should work.

If you haven’t got ASPI installed then no cd writers will be detected.

Be Careful !

On Windows XP you need an aspi driver, and a good one.

The good weight is around 156 Ko, if it is under 100 K it is one for Windows 2k, not good for XP

go there i think it always work

i prefer to place it in the folder of cdrwin (or under any folder app need it)
but you can also put it in system32


whats aspi? where do i get it? anddd why do i need it?

O I got it to work now…

Thanks Black Diamond for reminding me about ASPI layer!

So that’s why the damn thing wouldn’t work!

And the Que! is quite excellent buck for bang in case you were wondering. (Buck for bang means that it’s value is great)

It is a rebadged Ricoh 24x10x40 and writes all protections except SD2 (I use AWS).