I can’t find the option IGNORE ILLEGAL TOC.


Just set error rec. to disable! But if you’re gonna burn protected cd’s without using CloneCd, I suggesed that you use Nero! You can get it at !
Good luck!


CDRwin and nero are on a level playing field.

In cdrwin Ignore errors, Read retry 0
In Nero, ignore illegal TOC, write errrors uncorrected.Read retry 1.

CDRWIN and NERO will copy the same CDS idnetically.
They could be the same program, except for the presentation.


I’m advising you that you set your ‘read retry’ option to 10 !!!
This way when your cd is a bit dirty or something else wich will make your reader want to retry to read, it doesn’t fail at once! It will try again to read proberly!
Of course: don’t copy protected cd’s on-the-fly!!!
Good luck!


cdrwin was originaly made to copy psx games it was made to copy data and audio separtly
and write it to a cdr as close as the oringinal can be…i use both but i use cdrwin most…


Go here 4 setup of cdrwin, nero & windows.
Hot little site.


When i try this all. It says:

Error: Unable to analyze disc layout.
Disc contains a data track after the Audio tracks.

Can somebody help me???


R u trying to copy an audio disc with a data video track on it. If yes then I get the same trouble.

visit for cdrwin & nero setup & info


I try to copy the game gangsters.


I copied CM3 99/00 using the backup option in CDR-Win 3.8a using the backup disc option and copying it straight to the CD-Writer and the game even detects the copied CD as the original CD - Something which I couldn’t get NERO to do!!!