I’m having major problems with cdrwin. I’ve used it for ages, however i recently reformatted my HDD and did a clean re-install of everything. Since then it started giving me ‘bad medium’ errors. I installed the software i got with my writer (adaptec rubbish) and it got rid of the error. However whenever i burn a music cd it puts skips in some tracks. The original mp3s are fine so it must be the burn process. Ive trien re-installing different versions of cdrwin and new aspis (force aspi). It still wont work!! I now have a useless writer unles someone can help. Oh yeah, its an HP 8200i writer (IDE).

Any help would be really appreciated.



Has your motherboard got any special bus master drivers for the CDR. Most of the motherboards with the VIA chipset have a set of drivers which improve disk access immensely, this may the problem. (Recently had a DVD dropping frames, installed drivers, all is now ok)

PS Check to see if DMA mode is check on the control panel for the CDR Drive