CDRWin + Yamaha 8424e = Crash. Can U Help?



Hi, I’ve been using CDRWin (3.8 latest) with my Yamaha 8424e burner to burn audio CDs from wavs and have come up against loads of problems.

If I close all my task bar icons (i.e McAffee) then CDRWin usually crashes (it will do 38% of the disc and then freeze). I have found that it does works when I leave them on!?! But when it does work it takes 60mins + to burn - even when it says 2x speed! Talk about an uphill struggle!

What I need to know is:
a) Is my Yamaha crap? I just see so many posts with people having trouble with them. I am using the latest (22/03) firmware.
b) Is my copy of CDRWin telling lies? I’m using a naughty reg so is it burning at 1x speed out of spite!!

Hopefully someone has been having the same probs out there and has solved it!

And before anyone asks, I’m using CDRWin as it’s the only software which supports CueSheets.



I have a 8424E & have had no problems using Nero i used the EZ Cd 4.01 that came with it & I got underburns with it.

You can get the lastest version of Nero @