CDRWIN with Yamaha 8424s



Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here. Its like this, i use CDRWIN 3.8a-e and i burn a image everything seems to be OK untill i check the contents of the CD, when i open the cd there is nothing, ABSOLUTLEY nothing, the cd´s label is CD. When i check the properties it sez in this case 640MB used?? so what is the problem here?? soon ill take my !##!/* burner and throw it out of my window…

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My uncle has the same burner, but he usses Toast from adaptec and is very satisfied.

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Hey, don’t throw your Recorder outta the window ! U are using a wrong serial for CDRWin !! when u use a “bad” serial the only thing u get is a coster-producer (without any waring !)
Try to find a good keygen ! maybe !

cya NeTsurFer


You are using the wrong serieel number
I’ve also a Yamaha 8424s and it works fine with CDRWIN3.8e


I realy appriciate u guyz trying to help me out here, now i did trye this cd freaks serial, but the cdrwin sez. key older than… WTF do i wrong here? and i didn´t find any working keygen´s in cdrsoft…


Hey muddy,

i use PC not mac. toast is a mac application right?


mail me
and your problem is gone


Fordcapri>> check yr box! u have a email waiting 4 ya!

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