CDRWin version 5.01.012 released : major update

I just posted the article CDRWin version 5.01.012 released : major update.

A ‘new’ CDRWin version has been released. Why do I put new between quotes? Well since it’s not completely sure who is responsible for these new CDRWin versions… Padus? Someone else? Anyway, RASTABT…

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Go ahead people, install this bug-infested piece of crap… Software like this shouldn’t even be allowed in this world… “Added second workaround for missing drives” Poor bastards, they can’t even get that to work…

Well all I can say is stay well clear off this ok, :slight_smile: not only have I had a bad experience, so have other peeps I know! You have been WARNED :4 Greetz from The Diplomat :8

I tested the previous build and it worked fine :7

Well i still use version 4.0 to burn cue/bin i didnt liked the latest versions look to much nero liked…

What I really disliked about the last version 5 is that it added an unwanted virtual drive to my system. I was expecting the new CDRWin version but in fact it’s a completely new software and doesn’t have a whole lot (if not nothing) to do with CDRWin 3 and 4…

I recently mailed Disc4You about this new CDRWin version, that is cleary new software that goes by the name of CDRwin. I never received an answer, any information about this software would be appreciated !

cdrwin from goldenhawk is better than cdrwin engelmann media which is crap. They even copied the name, poor people. I use clonecd or nero and sometimes goldenhawk cdrwin (for key2audio backups).

Hi all, thought because nobody seems to know who made CDRWin 5 here’s the answer: or in other words Disc4You! @ peaceandlove: Did you never heard that Goldenhawk CDWRin is a registered trademark of Disc4You - so who “made” it, Goldenhawk?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I still think it all went a little strange, I mean Goldenhawk has always been using this name, could it be that Mr Engelmann thought: “Hey CDRWin is a populair name, it’s not registred, so if I buy it, I own the name and can do whatever I like ?” That would be nasty.

Hi DoMiN8ToR, well that might be, but that’s how things are going! :d

Well, I think that the name “cdrwin” was an idea from the german company. The original name by Goldenhawk was “Final Cut”. Do someone remember this? And so far I know will Goldenhawk stop selling CDRWIN. Anyway, they only have integrated new recorder since two years - no other change since a long time. Other companies have e.g. an automatic recorder detection for this. :4 So I think that the german company has all rights on the name, even in the US. That’s the way it goes… So guys, start thinking about Goldenhawk is gone from the market!

@ drain, I agree with you, you’re 100% right … how I said: That’s how are things are going! For myself I still love the “old” CDRWin and will still use it - Iam very SAD to see it leaving the CDR-Scene after that long time!

I still use CDRWin 4 :slight_smile: as it works fine, along with Nero, DiskJuggler and CloneCD :slight_smile: Those are the recommened burning proggies :4 You may have different ideas, but I Sincerely doubt other members will disagree with me :slight_smile: Greetz from The Diplomat :8

@ burnarchive: ok, but goldenhawk cdrwin is better than the other one. I’ve just discovered ISObuster and now I’ll use this last one to copy key2audio cds.

The rumors I’ve read in many places have mentioned that the person who originally created cdrwin did it in a way that wasn’t “kosher” to the rest of the hackers out here. The story goes that he took open source code and just made a few enhancements and slapped a gui on it. I forgot which linux prog it was. Either mskoffs (spelling?) or cdrecord. ANYWAYS, it was originally a linux command line prog and mr cdrwin (I’m not mentioning names on purpose) ported it to winblows and made a boatload of money off it. Many of the old school hackers see that behavior as unethical, so that’s why “some” people don’t care for him/cdrwin. The second part of the rumor was that the creator of cdrwin got tired or whatever with his prog and practically abandoned it (notice not many major updates in a long time?!?). So along comes a german company that “buys” the name off the original dude and instead of picking up where he left off, is supposedly rebuilding the burning engine from the ground up. Essentially, cdrwin 5.x is a completely different prog when compaired to the old versions. I don’t know why they completely changed it; there are many possibilities! So the only thing that the “new” cdrwin has in common with the old is the name and that’s about it, IMO. Remember, these are just “things” I’ve read here and there so I have no idea what’s true or false. Make your conclusion(s) on your own, like I did I guess! :wink: I will add to the comments about installing cdrwin 5.x really screwed up the computer, just about as bad as Easy Cd Creator does/did when trying to remove it. I only use nero/clone in the rare times I’m in winblows and have to burn. Haven’t gotten around to doing the same in linux yet…

cdrwin was a big shit from the beginning made by a coder who made the prog erasing drivers after registering with pirated serials but on the other side called it “psx-copy” urgh! :r

I really like to hear what CDRWIN supposedly has done to users who are using illegal keys… Deleted drivers, formatted whole comp, makes coasters, crashes comp etc etc… And then I have people whining about those illegal serials fucking up their comp… LOL!!! Then stop using them and do as you should, support the program by buying it! Sheesh…

If you look here: (I hope the link works from this place) you see, that Mr. Ulrich Engelmann owns the CDRWIN trademark in Europe, and he can do with this name whatever he wants, regardless what Goldenhawk says, does or wants. CDRWIN is a well known brand in Europe - probably due to the marketing efforts of Mr. Engelmann - and now he is using this name for an own new product.

… as how I said :4