CDRWin version 5.0 English available

I just posted the article CDRWin version 5.0 English available….

BurnFre@k let us know that CDRWin version 5.0 can be found on the Padus FTP server. As you can imagine the FTP server is severely overloaded so getting this new version can be a problem. Try…

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Just tried installing the ‘English’ version only to find it’s a very nice German version.

Site = down :frowning: please mirror…

@ nila: Installed it myself and it’s English. You do need the cdrwin50-e.exe file. The g file is German (I have both). @ CybErvee: Don’t have a mirror, sorry :frowning:

Forget about it

Can anyone explain why Padus (diskjuggler) has an unreleased version of cdrwin on their site?

This is NOT from Goldenhawk!!! A total ripoff of the real CDRWIN and also, many have reported fatal errors occurring after installing this piece of shit! CD-ROM’s disappearing and not coming back… This crap is going to give the real CDRWIN a bad name… Stay away from this! Once again, IT IS NOT FROM GOLDENHAWK!!! :frowning:

@Chronic Trust me, this is Goldenhawk’s work. Padus and Goldenhawk share the same distribution network, called Disc4You GmbH. You can find CDRWin v5.0 there as well, but nevermind posting this site as if it were a mirrorsite, since both FTP servers (Padus & Disk4you) use the same IP. I hope this has convinced you that CDRWin v5 IS crap. Mr. J. Arnold (Goldenhawk’s boss) used the free CDRDAO source for his previous CDRWin versions, and now he has licensed the diskjuggler engine for RAW functions, built a completely shitty and buggy GUI around it, and that’s what we call CDRWin v5.0. :r

If they sold their source for CDRWIN to some other company, it still isn’t Goldenhawk’s crappy program! This is all some lame-ass company could do with the source! Good job! Really! :r

I also mirrored it, but Fckng CD-freaks can’t even get a URL right…
Is it our fault that the Padus FTP is overloaded?? If you don’t like it here don’t come here.

Did I mention ANYTHING about the Padus FTP being overloaded??? I mirrored it here What do you get when you click on it? Right, CDfreaks can’t even get the URL right…

Ok sorry I misunderstood you… However if you just add ‘http://’ then it works just fine: Or even: Look here! A download mirror provided by SaTaN :slight_smile: Ps. You can edit your messages by logging in. This way you can correct any misspelled codes…

@Chronic (again) You misunderstood what I said here Chronic. Goldenhawk used the CDRDAO engine (an opensource recording engine) for v3.x and v4.x. All they really did is build a GUI for these versions, so they actually sold an opensource program. Next, they wanted RAW support, so they licensed the diskjuggler engine from padus, and that’s what they call v5. Goldenhawk programmers are just too stupid to build there own engine. This IS a Goldenhawk product, and you will probably find this same program on within a couple of days…

Oh, I will find it on goldenhawk? Then why haven’t I found it there yet? This so called CDRWIN 5.0 ain’t new… It’s been out for weeks!

The link to cdrdao at SourceForge is After reading the buglist for the latest build, I’m convinced that this is the engine Goldenhawk used to build CDRWin. I’ve experienced a few of these problems over the time I’ve used CDRWin. I’m upset that such a tiny program has been bloated to ~7 MB now :frowning:

@ Chronic (last time) If you don’t believe me, then don’t, it wont bother me. And the v5.0 version you are talking about that has been out for weeks, is a leaked version, not officially released. If you think some other company then Goldenhawk has created this program, then why do you think you can find it at the Padus FTP, and at Goldenhawk’s distributor, Disk4You? That wouldn’t make any sense now would it?

It wont let me run the program without a U/N, Company Name and Key :frowning: Greetz from the Diplomat :8

Let me get something clear. This CDRWIN 5 is NOT from Goldenhawk !!! Its a stupid lame ass that have taken the name. The german version have been avalible for severel month now and the english is new.

B.T.W. does anyone have the URL to this program ?? NOT but an other…

This is not same engine!!Install dj3 and cdrwin5 and youll see same burningengine–and this engine wasnt in cdrwin3 or4