CDRWin v3.8B available



I just posted the article CDRWin v3.8B available.

Submitted by: N.B.

New CDRWin available: version v3.8B.
Still beta but it supports more burners; like the Plextor PX-W1210A.

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Good Old CDRWIN ! is facing some heavy competition !


Just gimme CLONECD


how about psx games can we burn again psx games like v3.7f


@anschei: ?? We could burn PSX-Games with every version of CDRWin, couldn’t we?
Anybody got a working serial or keygen for 3.8b ?


with version 3.8a i can´t burn psx games or do i need to adjust some settings?
if so i NEED HELP


Are you sure the Plextor PX-W1210A is supported. In the help file neither the PX-W8432A or the PX-W1210A is mentioned. I think that is a little strange.


Check the web-site in the Source of this artivle for a working keygen. It’s for 3.8a but it seems to work with 3.8b too.