CDRWin update to version 5.02

I just posted the article CDRWin update to version 5.02.

Better late than never I think since this new CDRWin update has been out since April the 26th… Thanks goes to ADYO for submitting this news to us:

Version 5.02.000; Minor…

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Do not use this “version” of CDRWin. It’s not the original CDRWin, it’s crap and it installs virtual drives and other shit. :r

If anyone cares, the last time I tried v5.x of CDRWIN, it broke almost all my other CDR software. I had to uninstall and reinstall all of them. Avoid this piece of crap! J. :r

accidentally downed and installed an older version of this 5.x crap. It suxx bigtime idd:r

Version 3.8 still kix az! :4

Please don’t post updates about this program as it’s a really bad, and unworthy program to use.

I gave the prog a try and it was cool, the only problem was that the docs were in German.

I agree with Black-Wolf… You shouldn’t condone use of such utter crap like this!