CDRWin. Speed problems?

I recently started using CRDWin to burn BIN/CUE files but have a problem.

When I got the trial version which only writes at 1x speed, I tried to burn “Oni” and it worked fine. I then got the full registered version and tried to burn 3 other images (including Oni again!!) at max speed but this time it said the CD had written successfully but when I tried to run it, no data was shown on the CD at all, as if it was empty!!!

Could this be because of the speed I am writing at as like I said, Oni worked fine at 1x speed. Am I doing something wrong or do I have to write at 1x speed for the rest of my life!!!

I have read that Fireburner could also be a good alternative for burning BIN/CUE files but I am not sure of a good place to get it.

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!!

try checking out this sight, i found it helped me out…

check out the other copying progies!!!

perhaps get the right serial for you cdrwin orso,
or try other proggies as well.

You can find most of them here