Cdrwin question



Can CDRWIN recreate the CUE file if you have only the BIN file ? Desperately need to write a bin file but i can't find the cue file anymore...
Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me!


You could try to convert the BIN to ISO with a converter available on the web.
Then burn the .ISO with Easy CD creator.
I’m not sure how to recreate the cue-file
Maybe if you post what cue you’re looking for someone else has it and is willing to send through email.



In fact I’m searching the CUE for puzzle bobble 4.x released a few days ago.


EZCD sucks arse over ALL cdrsoftware.
I would pick software that doesn’t work over EZCD because the software that doesn’t work is reliable.

CDRWIN will burn iso’s. So will nero.

Look in file backup utility (the tools picture) and select write cd from iso files (or similar) in the drop box at the top.

As to how to transfer a .bin into ISO , I don’t know, and don’t care. I’ve never had that problem.


Someone told me the solution today… simply load the "CUE"less BIN file in Fireburner and burn. Worked fine