CDRWIN Problem with LG GEC-8400B

I just got an LG GEC-8400B to replace my GEC-8420B today and now I’m having problems backing up my PSX games

I am using CDRWIN 3.9B and I can create the image files using my new burner with no problems, and write them with no problems either, except at the end when I get the message " Writing Lead Out Track". I waited about 10 min, before I discovered that CDRWIN was not responding.

So I closed off CDRWIN using “ctrl, alt, del” and the “end task” and figuring that I just made a frisbee, I went to open the door on the writer and found out that the door would not open. So I restarted my machine and got the writer to work and to my suprise, the disk that I just burnt and thought that it was a frisbee, was there and had the game on it.

So I tested it with my PS One and the game worked.

My question is do I have a software problem or a hardware problem with this new drive because it still locks up after completing the file under CDRWIN and I can figure out what is causing the problem. I’ve tried flashing the bios with the new firmware version 1.04 and still have the same problem with CDRWIN as before. :frowning: Any help would be greatly appreciated on this problem and thanks in advance!!!