OK, I gettin really cheezed off with this program now. When trying to do a CD Backup with the following settings...

Backup Mode: Copy to Image and Record
Copy Raw Sectors: Checked
Error Recovery: Replace
Jitter Correction: Disabled
Subcode Analysis: Auto
Data Speed: Max Audio Speed: Max
Read Retry Count: 10

...the disk copies fine (no costers using the open source keygen from CDR Soft). Then, about 10-20 minutes after copying and closing CDRWin, my machine freezes up completely. This even happens if I'm burning another CD (which does result in a coaster ).

The version of CDRWin I'm using is 3.8a from December 1999. I've tried to get the updated version from Golden Hawks website but yesterday all the download links were down and today the whole site is down (maybe they're doing an update???).

I'm using the ASPI layer that came with CDRWin.

Hope this is enough information for someone to help me out with this otherwise superb little program!

Thanks in advance!



Maybe you have more cdr sofware installed and it is conflicting somehow.
Try the new version of cdrwin…a good aspi layer wont hurd.


I’ve also got Nero installed but there aren’t any conflicts that I know of. GoldenHawk’s website is still down, maybe someone could post me an alternate link for the latest version of CDRWin???


Site of goldenhawk is working fine. Otherwise try cdrsoft…


Hey, the GoldenHawk site is up again (hooooray) but the downloads still don’t work (ftp.cdrom link doesn’t exist and netreach is not available).

Also, the links at cdrsoft point to these same servers (doh!).

Any ideas???


Downloads at goldenhawk are working. Or click here… <A HREF=“” TARGET=_blank> </A>

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Hey, thanks for all your help. Checked the GoldenHawk website today and the Massachusetts [cdarchive] link was actually working, although I checked out that fileflash link you gave me (which links to the netreach download site) and I still got a ‘No Response’ message. Ho-hum, I got it now anyhoooo! Don’t know if it’s fixed the original problem yet cause it’s still downloading!

Thanks again !