Cdrwin or clonecd?



just curious to which would be a better proggie in general to use clonecd or cdrwin?
i know they r both good proggies but i was just wondering which would be better for copying cd`s more reliably...i just d/l the newest clone cd and need a keygen butthe previous clone was cool, as i have heard people say that cdrwin will do the same as clone cd but more...
any feed back would be cool...


depends on what hardware you have. If you have the right reader/writer combination CCD can make copy protected copies from copy protected originals. duh…
It’s ideal if you don’t want to be bothered with fixed exes etc.


clone cd is really great when you have the right hardware (mitsumi and toshiba) i didn’t had any problems yet.


i know of clonecd`s capabilities, it works great with my hp8210i let me rephrase the question
will cdrwin do the same as clonecd but with more features in it…
i guess i worded that right…


clonecd for protected cd-roms (specialy safedisc), cdrwin for audio.


Ok , does anyone know if I have the correct hardware?? i have an iomega zip 650 ce writer.

Went to the CloneCD site, it was listed , but there was no further info. Sure would like to know before I install the program, and screw up more cd’s.


To prevent screwing up CDs, use CD-RW!