Cdrwin not recognizing cdr or dvdr discs

Using winxp pro and DVDR PX-708A when trying to burn with a cd-r or dvd-r I get this error "START DAO RECORDING command failed on device 2:0:0 Disc type is not supported. any help greatly appreciated thank you

using cdrwin 3.9e

What type of disc are you trying to burn?

When using my dvd writer (DVDR PX-708A ) and cdrwin when trying to burn a bin file or anything with a cdr or a dvdr I get that error. Nero works fine with both disc types.

are you sure your drive supports disc at once (dao) mode? some writers are rather finicky, and work much better in TAO (track at once).

Your device is supported, so maybe you need a new ASPI layer.

How would I go about getting installing a new ASPI layer

thanks for your help

adaptec’s ASPI layer (considered the standard) can be found here.

I updated aspi layer…didn’t work…still same error

i would get firmware upgrade and when using nero six make sure u have newest one cause it has alot of bugs but are getting fixed …

Thank you…I have the latest firmware and i have no probs with nero just cdrwin not recognizing cdr or dvdr discs.

Did you get an answer yet for the problem START DAO RECORDING command failed on device 2:0:0 Disc type is not supported. I am getting the same situation and it is driving me crazy. Thanks

I just started getting the same problem yesterday & today. Any solutions yet???

isepiq :cool:

If you have any ‘Emulators’ running, they will cause this problem. Alcohol 120% has to have ALL Emulation & Extra Emulation turned OFF (UNchecked). Clone CD/DVD has ‘Hide CDR’ or some such. This needs to be turned off (NOT just hidden, that won’t work).

isepiq :cool: