CDRWIN not detecting drive

For some reason CDRWIN 4.0A does not detect my Vertabatim 32x12x40x (321240AL) drive as a recordable device. It detects it as a reader and under recorders it says “No supported devices installed.” I have installed the latest Adaptec and Goldenhawk ASPI drivers also. When I checked the Goldenhawk website this drive is not under the supported devices for some reason. Is there anyway I can get it to work or am I just going to have to use Fireburner for .bin files?

You could check, if your Verbatim drive perhaps is a rebadged drive (it could be a LiteOn drive, you know :)). According to OC-Freak, it is (and I don’t have any reason to doubt him!).

But be aware, the flash could go wrong and damage your drive. CD Freaks isn’t responsible for any possible damage!

I guess these 2 threads could help you out:

I know that CDRWin 4.0 can work with the LiteOn 40x writer, so I guess a 32 won’t be any problem!

I flashed my Verbatim drive to a Lite-On and now CDRWIN works. Thanks.