Cdrwin/nero + windows xp + cannot read after burn!

Hey all:

I’m having an odd problem in Windows XP. I can’t read the CDs I burn using my Liteon 52x burner and CDRWin unless I tell My Computer to software eject the drive. I have CDRWin set to eject the drive after completing the burn so it can ‘reset’ and read the cd, but when I put the cd back in it thinks it’s blank and will actually go through and burn again! (I don’t know how this is physically possible)

When I use Nero, it does the same thing and will not read the CD for what it is until I perform a software eject in My Computer and reinsert the disc.

I’m using all sorts of different media to try this out (Fuji, Imation CDRW, etc) and they all have the same problem. It’s mind boggling; if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear it.


We have this with a Plextor drive under WinNT4 (dont laugh, we need that old OS), it will not see the disc just burnt until ejected - then that and any other drive will read it - a real pain.

We believe it is a screwed OS - cant be bothered to set it up again or ghost :slight_smile:

This is super frustrating… I’ve tried everything including switching channels and changing master to slave… and I can’t figure it out! I hope it’s Windows’ fault and not mine…

dangnabbit, looks like it broke again.

[i]Okay, in case anyone else has this problem:

  1. Disable packet writing (the built-in XP version) by going to your burner’s properties, click on the recording tab, and unchecking the box that allows for recording.

  2. Disable the Creative CDROM Access service (filename CTsvcCDA.exe)

I spent all day and into the wee hours of the morning trying to figure this out… and I’ve finally done it. What a frustrating experience. I had no idea that XP’s recording software would actually lock the drive down like that.[/i]

Thanks very much!!! :bigsmile:

Turns out it was MacDrive.