CDRWin KeyGen please help



Hi, I’ve been trying to get the latest keygen program for CDRWin V3.8a but with no luck.

I’ve used the Laxity Crack but it still burns my CDs at 1x speed and says:
liscenced to: Demonstration Version
company: GoldenHawk Technology

Can you please tell me where to look (Divide Zero is always down) or just send it to me at

And is there any special way I should run this crack, like before I do the first run?

Thanks for your help.



CDRWin/DAO 3.8a Keygen


Thanks, but I still cant get it to download.

Is it not there? Do I need to try lots of times? Is my ISP stopping me?

If anyone could send it to me instead I’d be very happy.



check your email!