Cdrwin(golden hawk) Raw mode not active

I have downloaded the newest version of cdrwin and every time I make an image file with it and mount it on a vertual drive it works just fine. but when I burn the image in Raw mode, no cd/dvd drives can read it(It gives a warning that your recorder may or may not support Raw mode but I know it deos I know it from system info in Alcohol it supports all kinds of Raw mode including Raw DAO96). the computer hangs, the CD drive’s light keeps blinking and I will have to eject the CD. I tried burning it on other recorders( mine by the way is HL-DT-ST CD-RW CCE-8481Band I work with widows xp) It either tells me no supported recorders were found or the Raw mode is deactivated. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? is it the software? is it the recorder. can U give me a list of the best recorders that support Raw mode and are supported in cdrwin?( and don’t result in my computer hanging and my cd drive permanently blinking)
Thank U in advance.

on what OS do you use the program? which version did you download (ansi or unicode)?
copy the aspi files from the win/system32 directory into the program folder, did this help?