When I open Cdrwin it says:

Error: Unable to initialize the ASPI manager
ASPI support information was not found

I click Ok and click Record Disc and it says:

No CDROM recording device was found on the SCSI or IDE bus!

are these error somehow linked, does anyone know how to fix this error, I have this error with FireBurner and CloneCD also but not with easy cd creator 5 plat. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling cdrwin, and I uninstalled easy cd creator 5… ??? so what is this ASPI error and why can’t it find my cdrw ?

Upgrade your ASPI layer from adaptec.

Perhaps search this forum to see if a link can be found there…don’t know it myself, sorry

ASPI dll’s are always to be found on

To [B]Overseer[/B]
Ok look what you have to do. First unistall your version of CDRWIN by selecting Custom unistall select all and press next. After you clean everything Download this version of CDRWIN —> I just uploaded it it must work.