CDRWin Drive Recognition Problem



Hi, I have a problem with CDRWin. When I got to the devices box I can choose both my CDROM and my CDRW as PLAY devices but I cant choose my CDRW as a RECORD device! It wont allow me to choose anything!

I downloaded the new ASPI drivers and it still doesn't recognize it.

I just wondered if anybody would have seen this problem before?
I have a Yamaha CDRW8424, and I have Nero and Easy CD Creator installed as well.

Any help?

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make sure you’re using version 3.8a final and the keygen on dividezero’s site. then try…and if it still doesnt work, i guess your burner isnt supported.


Dood dont panic lol, what u need is this,
1 pcs Yammy 8424
1 pcs of software called CDRWIN 3.8a-e
1 pcs of serialnumber

and thats it, that wasn´t so hard was it?

Best Regards


Hi, the new version of CDRWin recognised my drive immediatly. Must have been a duff copy of 3.7.

Thanks for the help!