Cdrwin doesnt recoginze my recording drive?



I just downloaded cdrwin and made an image file (bin.) with it. When i click on the burning image, it told me that there was no dive supported? Can anyone tell me how i can resolve the problem? Thankz for your time :iagree:


aspi installed ?
if not, either install an aspi driver or copy cdrwin’s own aspi to the program folder.
to do so you might open the cdrwin installer with winzip or winrar, extract the aspi
“winaspint.dll” to your cdrwin folder. (winaspi9x if you should run w 9x)
this should solve the problem.


I tried to drag and drop it in to my cdrwin file but ot still wont work. Am i doning something wrong?


ok…then the only idea i have now is to ask, what burner you have installed ?


The drive that i installed is the nec 3500ag (mad dog 16xdvd9)


Are you sure you have the latest version of CDRWin and not some older version? Because your drive is listed on the CDRWin site as supported drive.


I have exactly same problem …any solutions?