CDRWin & Bin/Cue Files

I’ve always been really anal bout using ONLY CDRWin for bin and cues.

I got a new LiteOn 52246S and im going crazy cuz it isnt supported by CDRWin yet.

I need to burn some files soon or else my harddrive is gonna fill up.

What’s the next best thing to cdrwin? Is it fireburner? i dont like the idea of burning bin/cues with Nero, but ill do it if its the next best thing to cdrwin.


try alcohol it can do more than cue/bin. and i think it is better than nero

Doesn’t the software Burnatonce handle .bin/.cue files?

alcohol is a good alternative

If you really need to use CDRWIN, here’s how I added support for my 52246S. Download a hex editor. I use XVI because it’s freeware and has a ton of nice features. Just extract the XVI files to a folder and leave the folder open. Open the CDRWIN folder (default C:\CDRWIN3) and drag the CDRWIN executable onto the XVI executable. Click on search=>find and type in 48126 into text string. When you find it, click in the text window and replace “4812” with “5224”. It will now allow you to write using your 52x. It works fine, I’ve used it many times and no problems. The max writing speed is still 48x until they add 52246s support.

Originally posted by GoodOleJoe
Doesn’t the software Burnatonce handle .bin/.cue files?

It does and it does so very well. It’s also free. :smiley: