CDRWIN and Yamaha 8424S



Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here. Its like this, i use CDRWIN 3.8a-e and i burn a image everything seems to be OK untill i check the contents of the CD, when i open the cd there is nothing, ABSOLUTLEY nothing, the cd´s label is CD. When i check the properties it sez in this case 640MB used?? so what is the problem here?? soon ill take my !##!/* burner and throw it out of my window....


Your problem is same as mine… I’ve got the same with my Plextor 12x. It’s because the drive is not supported by CDRWin. Just look on (CDRWIn’s home) when your version will be available!



The strange thing is that the golden-hawk homepage sez that Yamaha All Models r supported!.. but i dot believe that… do ya have a fully working serialnumber?? some guy sead to me that there is a “Copy protection” that does that!!..