CDRWIN and File Systems



I recently burnt some CD’s with CDRWIN 3.9D and noticed that when inspected with ISO Buster 1.4 they had the ISO 9660 filesystem, Joliet filesystem and another weird one. This file system was, as far as I could make a Joliet filesystem that pointed to the ISO 9660 tables. ISO Buster called it Jouliet (Short). What concievable purpose does this have? Why is it there? I have also seen it on numerous comercially produced CD-Roms. If anyone could give some info as to the purpose of the so named Joliet (Short) filesystem I would much apreciate it.


No mention in CDRWin’s help file?


Here’s the thing. The strange filesystem occurs when you burn a CD with CDRWIN using the Joliet filesystem. CDRWIN’s help file states

Note: A Joliet disc contains both the short and long versions of all filenames, so that the disc will be compatible with older DOS and Windows 3.1 based systems.

Well if that is the case why on earth is the Joliet (short) file system in existance at all considering it is pointing at the ISO 9660 tables with the short names. What added functionality does it give? If compatibility is the purpose does the ISO 9660 file system not give DOS & Win 3.1 compatibility on its own?