CDRWin and DirectCD



Every time I try to burn certain PSX games (particularly South Park Rally, Dukes of Hazzard, and Sled Storm), I get an error message that says that there are one or more tracks that are under 4 seconds in length, and the CD can’t be burned. This happens whether I’m using DirectCD or CDRWin. This is probably stupid, but I’m super new at this; can anyone help me?


Hi !
Why do you make easy things complex :
PSX CD needs wether NeroBurning Pro or CloneCD…

You can find everything you need on

By the way, DirectCD is for CDR/W which useless for PSx…

Hope it helps !
Obike Fixx.



Thanks for the help. But Nero doesn’t seem to be working. Every time I try using it, it gets to 100%, then everything locks up. Any ideas as to what the problem might be, and how to fix it?


Try to uninstall Directcd . Then use Nero


Oh, I did that; I’ve heard about all the problems that DirectCD can have. Thanks for the advice, though.


U may have to reconfigure windows after uninstalling DCD. Look here for info


I’m using nero and have done the cd’s you are talking about. I haven’t had any problems (yet).what version are you using?


I’m using, and I heard there were some problems with that version…would it be better to use


I haven’t had any problems it might be worth a try. i have the serial # if you need it.are you runing any other programs?


I made a few changes and got it to work; well, at least nero said the burn was successful, but the game didn’t work when I tried to run it. Where can I get I couldn’t find it at
Are there any known problems with the Sony CRX100E? Maybe my burner just sucks…


if the cd isn’t playing boot your game off a different cd.i’ll e-mail a link and crack if you want.


I sent you a copy of it.Good Luck


snv202-could you send me a copy as well?


You can try also the prog: PSXCopy, also availible at,
Good Luck!! MF