CDRWIn and 52246s

I reformatted a week or two ago and after i got my system up and running again, CDRWin had problems.

After putting in my serial I could read everything fine, but when i went to go burn something, i click the “load cue” button and clicked open, then it gave me an error and closed.

so i searched around and found out that the cdrwin.dat is where hte registration info is held, and deleted it and then reinstalled the program.

everything worked fine in the trial mode, although since the drive’s minimum speed is 4x (i think), it went that fast (yay!).

still, i want my 48 and 52x goodness back.

since i didnt have much on my pc yet, i reformatted again a few days ago and the same problem occurred.

i thought to myself “what did i do recently to change my config.?” then it hit me…the firmware…

im at 6S0C now. so with that hunch, i came here…

sure enough, i found a thread where people were sayiong that the drive might have probs with that firmware revision, so that i should revert to the 6S07 firmware.

so, first off…is the firmware truely the problem?

second, if so…do i have to do anything special to revert back to the old stuff other than downloading the firmware from liteon’s site and just flashing it that way…or is it different because im going BACK to an old version? i talked to a few of my friends and most of em said that they didnt think you could do that…but im sure theres a way…


aight, thats it…

i had the same problems with cdrwin … wasn’t too sure if it was the drivers or not, but i ended up dumping cdrwin and moved on to something better :smiley:

check HERE for possible answers

The very latest incarnation of CDRWin 3.9C-E didn’t work for me either, it’s buggy, came up with same error as you got.
Couldn’t do a thing right/

So am now back to using the first release of the 3.9C-E which emerged on the 11/01/2003, and it works very well with my LiteOn 52246S, firmware R526S0A.

Note, there are 3 different versions (dates) of the 3.9C-E, it gets updated, but they dont change version number.

So get hold of first release and you should be right.

ya i knew about the cdrwin versions thing, but i didnt think that was the problem…

you 100% sure its not the firmware? cuz i noticed you said you used 670a

how do i revert to the olderfirmware…?


oh ya, also im using 3.9 a…i found that somewhere…

i guess i did think of the cdrwin versions thing…i musta installed that at some point and forgot…

(help oz!)


o wait a sec…the 3.9 a released didnt support the drive! i forgot about that

crap i gotta find that file somewhere…

anyone volunteer to help (er…cough send to me)…

any help would be greatly appreciated…


Yes 3.9E-C came out 3 days before I ordered my LiteOn 52246S, wasn’t supported previously.

Leave an email addy, and I’ll send the “good” version of the program.



actually,. use (my acct has a 5mb limit…the other has 15)

i used mtkflash and am now using 6s0a again…but cdrwin still dont work…

same error! bah…

i also found what i thought was the good version, but it still doesnt work, so ill assume that it isnt…

thanks oz!

Should be in your inbox now.

BTW what do you use for ASPI, I say no when CDRWin asks (Win 2000 SP3) and then after install I copy WNASPI32.DLL from Nero install folder to CDRWin instal folder and everything works perfectly.

ya i’ve said ‘yes’ ever since the one time i did ‘no’ and cdrwin couldnt detect either of my drives (ones a dvdrom)…

i got xp tho, so it may be different

why nero’s tho?

they’re probably better for some reason or another cuz nero seems to be more robust in general, but why?

thanks for cdrwin agian…!


Just a habbit I guess.

When CDRWin first started to offer ASPI it didn’t work well for many, so I have just continued to use the one from Nero, just like I use that one for all small programs which needs it, such as SmartRipper etc. So little effort to copy that file to another folder, and you know exactly whats going on in the regards to ASPI.

Another reason I started came about when I moved to Windows 2000 from Windows 98SE years ago. Back then I used a HP8210E USB writer, and it worked fine in 98, but CDRWin couldn’t see it in 2000. Tried everthing, including forceASPI, still not going. Then finally thought of dropping the Nero ASPI in CDRWin folder, and wupti everthing worked fine.

One week later Windows 98SE got deleted from my dualboot setup, only keept it to run CDRWin :smiley:

The ASPi from CDRWin is made by someone called NexiTech, Inc., never hard of them, Ahead however I DO know :smiley:

Now as mentioned I use the LiteON, and it’s running in a Sony Firewire box.

one thing that i never understood really…

when you “extract disc/sectors/blah blah” (THE BUTTON AT THE MIDDLE TOP) the read speeds for data and audio arent 52…

whats the deal?? data’s max is 14x and audio is 8x…

but thats excluding the ‘max’ speed from the select list…

is that 52x?

it doesnt seem like it to me…

just now i ripped a cd at ‘max’ and it took a couple of minutes…but not the 2 mins or so it should take under 52x

thanks again!

No idea why it only goes to the numbers it does in CDRWin.

However your drive will only reach 52X (If ever) right at the very end (outside) of the disc (CD drives starts reading from the inside)

Go here:

And get that program, then throw in a near full CD (80 min) and then run a test, it will show the real read speed of yourd drive at any time during the read. I doubt it’s a 100% correct though, but does give some idea whats going on.

but you too get those #s in cdrwin?

its not just me?

i have CDR-Win but it wont work for me, it says no compatible dirves for on the bus, is there anything i can do to make it work?

BTC BCE 4012IM CD-RW Drive using Windows XP using any CDR-Win Build.

now i get “no CDROM recording device was found on the SCSI or IDE bus!”

So then i guess i cant use it?

i havent installed nero yet on my fresh boot of xp (formatted a few days ago)

my liteon drive comes with 55913 i believe…maybe 17…anyways…

is there any reason for me not to upgrade to 551015? any drawbacks of it seen by anyone yet?

after the cdrwin issue im reluctant to upgrade anything!

firmware…software…where does it end???

aight im gonna sleep