CDRWIN released

I just posted the article CDRWIN released.

JackiRipper2000 used our news submit to tell us that a newer version of
CDRWin is released. This company has provided a very easy user interface that allows you to perform nearly…

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I’m confused. Is this an upgraded CDRWIN that started with Goldenhawk ( Or are there two different programs by the same name?

Good question. This is apparently a different program that goes by the same name as the Goldenhawk product! I checked over at the goldenhawk site and that CDRWIN is on version 4.0c released in March. To add to the confusion, the GUI is quite similar in appearance.

This is NOT the GoldenHawk version. GoldenHawk released 4.0C a few months back. These other versions are a different company.

Whoever released version 6 must have bought the rights to the program.

AFAIK Goldenhawk haven´t the right for this name patented in Germany

This “CDRWIN” is out for some time, even a v5 was out when Goldenhawks CDRWIN was at 3.x and i often read about the confusion. The “real” CDRWIN by Goldenhawk has nothing to do with this one! It’s just as said before that they don’t own the name patent in all countries.