CDRWIN 5 Supports CCD



I have a german version (regged) of cdrwin5. I used only (for now) for the virtual disk thats CDRWin5 creates. Also because it writes anything of ccd to iso, cue, .... .

I downloaded the english version, the serial of the german release didn't work (big surprise). In the english version it doesn't support CCD or ISO....
Can anyone tell me if it's just because it's a none regged version?
Or ....?





I have a legal version 5 and of course the key is working with the english version! :slight_smile:

Anyway, the virtal drive can mount nearly every image format, but only the ISO part is accessable. The support from CDRWIN 5 told me that the virtual device tries to access every file - that’s it.

So, the CloneCD format is not fully supported.

-Drain :smiley: