installed cdrwin 4a but it not see my lite on 24x as a writer but it is there as a reader !! has anyone got any ideas,
does cdrwin 5 support the liteon 24x if so where can i get it…

or does anyone know of any other softwere that extracts bin/cue files like cdrwin…
Cheers to all

you can use Fireburner
to burn Bin / Cue files

The latest version of CD-R Win 4 supports lite-on 24X!

Make sure you have the newest version. The author updates the program but doesn’t change the version number!

CDR-WIN is crap… Clone cd is the best way to go!!! it does EVERYTHING!!!

Cheers to all,
not realising cdrwin upgraded in the same release:D

all running as it should…