Cdrwin 4 on windows 2000 error code 31

Loaded CDRWIN 4 onto my w2kpro installation and both my lg CDRW and NEC DVD could no longer be accessed. Anyone have a fix to get them bac

Many thanks in advance for your help.

D :confused:

what do you mean windows can not access or cdrwin and just to let you know the laitest vertion of cdrwin is 3.9a you can get here

Before anyone asks… (I can just see it!)

CDRWin 3.8 and 4.0 were the same product with one exception; CDRWin 4.0 supported multiple simultaneous writing, 3.8 didn’t.

This functionality was merged in to the version 3.9a

Version 5.0 is not written by Golden Hawk. It is a completely different product written by Engelmann Media GMBH using Padus writing software (pfc).

Cheers guys.

Device manager shows both cdrw and dvd but with red circle and cross through and lists error code 31. No program can see drives including win explorer. Both drives are driven via the secondary IDE channel. Could that be the problem ? Should it be SCSI to work with Adaptecs ASPI drivers ?