CDRWin 4.0A BETA & 3.8D now available

I just posted the article CDRWin 4.0A BETA & 3.8D now available….

Goldenhawk has updated their page. Version 4.0A BETA with multi-recorder support is now available. Also Version 3.8D update is available.

The 4.0 beta:

Multi-Recorder support is the…

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I use this great program to in combination with nero works great :slight_smile: too bad i dont have 32 writeres in my pc :wink:

old news

Hasn’t this been out for AGES???

Hey guys!!! It is not old news. There are new files on Goldenhawk server dated 2001/04/12.

Goldenhawk constantly releases new builds with only one new feature…A larger blacklist.

What’s the use of having 32 burners?? Only companies have that…

No, it does have a new feature. 3.8D now supports the Lite-On 12101B Recorder where with the other 3.8D it was not supported.