CDRWin 4.0A and 3.8E available!



I just posted the article CDRWin 4.0A and 3.8E available!.

Saraceno used our newssubmit to tell us:

There are two new CDRWin versions out now: version 3.8E and version 4.0A both dated from the 8th of July. As usual some more burners are supported in…

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Off topic. Their website kinda stinks :c


The 4.0a-e version of cdrwin is already out on the net from 02/17/2001 released by justic group so this is oldnews.


prob blacklisted all the current keygens/serials etc. Maby they think we have a sub zero IQ and will d/l this so called new version to enable you too make lots of nice coasters for your granny, and grandad when they call too see you, infact you could go into business and sell them as offical cd coasters :8 Throw the old wooden scratched coasters in the bin :4. Sell them as beer mats too all the pubs for a Fiver a piece, considering the gits put the price of beer up whenever they feel like it. Sorry to go off topic there, but what the hell, lets all have a laugh :d


Damned, Still no Justlink supported, only Burnproof :frowning: