CDRwin 4.0/3.8F (24/09 dated)

I just posted the article CDRwin 4.0/3.8F (24/09 dated).

New CD-R Win version.

For those who doesn’t know: this is a little good burning program.

No changelog for the moment, as soon as I get my hands on it, I’ll tell you…

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changes prolly just new recorders added. but i would love to know what the dif. is between 4.0 and 3.8 :slight_smile:

Are any versions of this compatible with win xp?? Only got nero to work so far :frowning:

The last 4.0 beta works fine in winxp… I use cdrwin, nero and clonecd, all works fine… just make sure you’ve got aspi-drivers installed…

The truth as usual, more blacklisted no’s, so we will need a new fully working s/n,if you get my drift. :8

Yup can someone help me out with aspi drivers for win xp?

copy winaspi32.dll from your nero folder into the windows folder. cdr-win will then work! :slight_smile:

To use any burning prog under XP download a program called force aspi. This program works 100% for EDI and SCSI burners and burn programs :wink: 7