CDRWin 3.9f available - no changelog

I just posted the article CDRWin 3.9f available - no changelog.

There’s a new version of the cue burning
software CDRWin available
on the Golden Hawk website.

  Changelog for version 
  Unfortunately there's no 
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I don’t think anyone uses this archaic software anymore.

i use it once in while for old times sake with bin/cue’s

Its still heavily used by companies that replicate authored CD’s that don’t have any copy protection since it can utilize an autoloader. Diskjuggler is also popular. It just wasn’t designed to appeal to the CD backup enthusiast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhat late with this ‘News’ I think. Been using this version now for over 2 months!

But if you have a look at their site, you will see a message that this version was updated just yesterday

They will have done the HUGE job of adding another Writer to the list, this bunch of tossers expect you to pay again for an upgrade just because they added your new writer, something all other companies do as standard, bollocks to them. now they cannot rip anyone elses software off the programming has stopped around 5 years out of date.

Ever since CloneCD came out to make good image files, and since Nero can burn bin/cue nowadays, I never looked at CDRWin again.

“Diskjuggler is also popular.” That is because DiscJuggler is the best for non copy protected stuff.