CDRWin 3.9B is ready for download - no changelog

I just posted the article CDRWin 3.9B is ready for download - no changelog.

gs332 used our newssubmit to tell us that Goldenhawk has released version 3.9B of their populair CDRWin software.

As always no changelog is given and it’s probably only an update to support…

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i’m confused. why are they releasing version 3.9b when they already released version 4 more than a year ago?

yeah that was a rip off version. they just stole the name and they made an app that sucked :r

Version 4 is still in beta and Hypno, that crap release was version 5.

With recording software like Nero, CloneCD, DiscJuggler, just to name a few. Does anyone even use CDRWIN anymore? If so, what does it have that you need that the other programs don’t provide?

Well i still use it to burn cue/bin/mp3 files its a great and easy to use program. and now you can say with nero you can burn cue/bin mp3 to well i have seen more then once a cue`d cd burned with nero dont worked and mp3 is drag and drop in cdrwin and i will add a 0sec gap in it with out(like nero)beeing configured. ALL HAIL TO CDRWIN :smiley:

cdrwin SUCKS, their time of glory is over with.

What I used CDRWin for - and what I hope to still be able to use it for with my newest Plextor burner - is burn proper DAO enhanced audio discs. CDRWin was the first program I found that could burn an audio session properly Disc-At-Once or, maybe more correctly, Session-At-Once - leaving no gaps between tracks), AND still open a new session for data. I don’t know if Crapdaptec’s latest version of EZCDCreator does that even yet - and even some of the best audio burners (i.e., Feurio), don’t deal with burning ROM data. Does Goldenhawk’s website list the Plextor 401240A on its compatibility list yet?

Hail to RDJ134 and da9ve who doesnt fall in to this all: "make it yourself proggies" out there. Make it whit something whos made for it and dont care about all this replis. <<< Snoppen >>>

yeah SaTaN your right i just checked, did they ever get sued or what?,

I still mainly use CDRWIN for my burning needs. I use CCD if I run into a protected disc (or ISO) but other than that, it’s CDRWIN. I’m sure Nero is good but I just don’t have any use for it, I know it also writes .bin & .cue but everybody knows it doesn’t do that as good as CDRWIN does.

Nero v5.5.9.9 burns BIN/CUE files exactly the same way as CDRWIN v3.9A does. I burned three different images with both (pc, vcd and psx). Then I did binary comparisation. The CDs were 100% the same. Also Nero burns .ISO files better than CDRWIN, because CDRWIN leaves some extra crap at the end of the disc. CDRWIN is good for reading CDs back to BIN/CUE format, because Nero cannot do that. :slight_smile:

Errrr, Nero 5599 does NOT burn ALL bin/cue “the same as CDRWin.” Only CDRWin, as opposed to Nero, will correctly handle multitrack SVCD bin/cue posts. Try Nero all you want on alt.binaries.svcd, but, just like VCDGear3, even Nero 5599 will fail when handling multitrack. Nero rocks, but CDRWin is still a necessary tool.