Cdrwin 3.9A (Jun 25, 2002)

This is really an update with the same version number!
The new 3.9A version now also supports the 32125W and 48125W Liteon.

i tryed the 3.9a version !! and it isnt supported by my 40x oc 2 48125W vs02

and it couldnt find it

also downloaded from there site the same version and it didnt work .

i think its becuse it only supports the vso6

i could be wrong but the best firmware is vso2 to me !!! wish they would pull there fingers out :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i just had to try it again hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

downloadeed the one from the site again and it works :smiley:

with my 48125W and 40125W


When installing install the asap drivers when prompted to do so !!

then after installed start it up then go to its options

TOP RIGHT hand corner tab

then click on ASPI tab and

Use default aspi drivers installed on system
Use the aspi drivers installed by CDRWIN (if eny)

Then click ok

turn off cdrwin reboot and your LITEON cdr burner hsould be found now :slight_smile:

i always though it did it auto but hat was my mistake :slight_smile: