CDRWIN 3.9A and new cd writer

Just bought a new cd writer, Buslink 52x24x52 (LiteOn) and it is not showing in cdrwin 3.9A , my old cd drive which is still in the system shows but new writer only shows as a reader. Do I have to unistall cdrwin and reinstall to get it to detect the new writer ??
Also what is the best media to use with this drive, currently use Memorex (INFODISC Technology Co) and TDK (not sure who they are here in USA).
Are these ok or are there more compatible brands. I normally buy in K-Mart or Compusa, sometimes BestBuy.
Thanks for any help
btw this drive is great speed wise and also seems to copy anything thrown at it :wink:

according to the goldenhawk homepage the highest liteon supported is 48X you may have to wait for the update to include your burner