CDRWin 3.8D Released



I just posted the article CDRWin 3.8D Released….

Submitted by: PaRaDoX
Source: Goldenhawk

CDRWIN 3.8D is released.

New in this release is support for the following Drives:

Creative Labs 8435E / 8438E / 121032E

Hewlett Packard 9700 / …

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yes the good old cdrwin i would be lost whit out to burn my iso`s

tl bite me hehehe adsl rulzz


Somebody please give me a working serial for this.


No mention of this new version on the Goldenhawk website…!
Am I missing something here…?


Warning for using a wrong serial code !!! It will destroy the burned CDs. I think so at least !!


Doogieman: ya your missing everything. open your eyes its on their hompage.


Ka, your right CDRWIN contains some strong anti piracy codeing, which can cause not only coasters but can change the bios settings so your cdrw isn’t reconised, and registry.
It’s always best to wait untill somebody posts the serial saying I have burnt ?? number of cd’s fine
LOL personal experience I’m afraid


CDRWin 3.8d Serial
Saturday, December 2, 2000 updated by N.B.

Here you are

CDRWin Serial:

Key: BE66816A-E23EA862-4509BCF8-B84141B8
Check Key: 0627C0D2-5C582908-A737149A-FD48FD40

DAO Serial:

Key: E47C452C-346A0022-45BAFC46-F8FFFFF8
Check Key: 1C83BAD4-D016450E-71D0FC64-BD4503BE

Tested this keys ! Already burned 2 CDs and no problems right now !

Have Fun !


Right lets cut to the point. Do not use the old cdrwin 3.8c key “CDRwinmaster” with the new cdrwin3.8d. Why you ask, well it installs ok, but then when you reboot yer pc, you get the blue screen of death evertime. I got lucky and managed to load windows, uninstalled the new version with the bad key, and reinstall with the new key, wotks great, probs gone away, windows boots now, no blue screen of death.




As you can see, some of the CDFreaks visitors, live in the future. Some of the replies are from Friday 19 January…


Muchos Gratias…Enderst…!
It wasn’t there when i last looked…LMAO
CDFREAKS…Give the developers time to post the updates on their homepage…LOL


Umm 2 cd’s, you wont know if the serial is good untill you have rebooted then tried burning, can anybody confirm that the serials are good???


Is a bad password why mine burns one audio track no matter what I put in?


I had Cdrwin fry my drive with the above code. Anyone know what it changes in the registry, or the best way for me to get W2k to recognize my drive.


i want tis fow cdrwin 4.g
Check Key: