CDRWin 3.8D and 4.0A (dated 21-05) available

I just posted the article CDRWin 3.8D and 4.0A (dated 21-05) available.

Two new CDRWin versions are available on Golden Hawk’s site. They have the same version numbers but they’re dated from 21-05-01. Probably these new versions just support new/more burners than the…

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I mailed them the other day to ask if they would implement a checkbutton, where you could choose if the path is written in the cue-file or not. You prob all know how annoying it is having a cue-file looking for a bin located on your h:-drive while you only have a c:-drive. They were considering it, hopefully it’s implemented in a later version :7

Now that you can burn those cue files for free with cdrdao and xduplicator, they should add more features in their program :8

This is my favorite burning program, I love it. Just keep it simple and easy to use, with load of understandable features.

The key to life is in S2K (15/05/2001) :4