Cdrwin 3.8b

i have cdrwin 3.8 b… and a teac w54E. this version of cdrwin now supports my burner… having trouble burning games though… went with default settings and burned at 2x… but my playstation displays a distorted black playstation screen when i boot the cd, and it doesn’t continue. any tips?

You using a cracked CDrWin? If you are that could be the reason. If not here is what I do. I don’t think using the default settings would work. Here’s what I’ve done and have produced error free copies…

RAW read = ON
Error Recovery = Ignore
Jitter Correction = Auto
Subcode Analysis = Auto
Data Speed = 1x
Audio Speed = 1x
Read Retry count = 50

…if you have an old model PsX (ie: 1001, look under your Psx unit), you should burn it at 1x because the laser unit is pretty old and crappy. If you have a newer model 5000 or higher, you could burn it at a higher speed such as 4x. The reason for this is Sony put it in better laser units and they’re less anal about how fast you burn them. I wouldn’t recommend burning at a higher speed (although I haven’t tried)…Hope that helps