CDRWin 3.8a troubles



I have a S&F Turbowriter RW SCSI (6x4x24). I'm using CDRWin 3.8a for the
burning software. When I do a burn, everything seems to go OK, but when I go
to read the CD, it's blank. The Properties' window shows that there is data,
but no files or folders are listed.

I've tried using earlier versions of CDRWin, but then I get the curious
message that "the no CDROM recording devices were found..." or "the device
I've chosen is unsupported."

What's going on?


You’re recorder is not supported in older versions of CDR-Win.

About the empty cd in CDR-Win v3.8a, mail the friendly folks over at GoldenHawk Technology that they have send you the wrong registration information, which you paid sooooooo much money for.

Older versions of CDR-Win warn you about an illegal serial, but the newer versions just say it’s okay and then only burn coasters.


pSyChO dAd

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terrible experience with it.
uninstall cdrwin.
run ‘‘regedit’’ and found and delete
any ref. to cdrwin or golden hawk.
then reinstall cdrwin 3.a and try demo mode
1x if it works then is wrong serial.
if so send me an e-mail.


I had the same problem.
You must immediately fill in the CORRECT serieel number and the unlock code.
Is there previous a wrong code enterd then you have problems.
sorry for my bad english.

Mail me for more information.