CdrWIn 3.8a released



I just posted the article CdrWIn 3.8a released.

After 10039384874 beta versions cdrwin 3.8a has now finally been released.

What’s new in version 3.8?

Support for many new recorders has been added. Please see Supported Devices for a…

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I tought it had already been released…

Must have been a beta version…


thought, even…


Tried this keygen and it worked for CDRWIN 3.8A released!


Jeffrey boy must have gotten his bed wet with all these brilliant features… mp3 decoding based on xaudio and “greatly enhanced file backup”? Wow, this sounds so innovative, I think I 'll register it


Try it on a Plextor 8/20 recorder and see what happens…

A written CD without a fat.

Innovative?? I think not. It’s a miracle. Thats what it is.


someone pushed a button there…shit, press a button once and it works. If it doesn’t work after 1 time, it doesn’t work after 7 times…
no offence


I think I understand after you sad it 7 times… :smiley:



There is a crack released for the Final version of 3.8a, don’t have a url yet


As the guy above sad. You can download the keygen at

Read the reactions before saying something!


I do! but the fact is that that one was for the beta version of it! I’m talking about the Final, and using a keygen for this one m8 cause some a-pirate stuff


final crack is out! get it here