CdrWin 3.8a (posted 02/14/2000)



I use Plextor 8432A (supported by this ver.
as Golden Hawk says)but i cant write.
It only writes leadout.
Can anyone tell me what can i do???


If you have tried to register your copy just beware that it might appear to accept your details but it will only give you coasters or lots of other types of problems.
This was taken from a post titled Booby Trapped Software.

At one point filled the hd with junk, another time deleted system files, ongoing double checking of the serial and if it fails burns coasters.
There have been reports of it inserting garbage into the write stream as well. This means that only some files may have errors.
This would make it somewhat difficult to detect for the average user. Doing a plain directory or filesize compare may not reveal any corrupt files.
Use a CRC validator or a binary file compare util on all images burned with CDRWin.


thats why Fireburner got born :slight_smile:

Cdrwhat? eheheh Burn fo Life doodz