CDrwin 3.8 screwing Copies coz of bad keygen?



And where can Fireburner be found?


i just try to burn a copy of F1 2000
i use BlindRead to read the image and
Cdrwin 3.8 to burn the cd
i’ve finally been able to make my back up
copy but after i screwed up 5 cds
and this is really weird since it copies from
an image but the main weird stuff
it’s that cdrwin doesn’t tell me that the cd
is bad when copying
it copies everything okey
and when i want to install the game
the cd starts to slip and hesitate on some files excatly like i did a bad quality copy
on cheap cd , but i tried many brand
and i still have the problem
that’s why i think the tricky Jeff Arnold
put this in his program when using a bad key
it screws cds but you don’t know immediately
they are screwed ,you have to test them
he did this at the start of Cdrwin when you used a bad key code Cdrwin just burn half of your cd and stop ,you had an Error message with a special code and that code was the result of
a bad key use i read a message from the Author himself of cdrwin in the NG explaining that stuff
so now it’s a bit clever since the copy got til the end
by the way the copy i made was done in RAW
perhaps the raw mode of Cdrwin is buggy as hell , really dunno whuts happening
finally i used clonecd without a glitch
works perfectly now



yep, that has happened to most of us out there already. that’s why when i need to be sure to get it done right the first time, i use fireburner…wait a minute, actually i basically only NEED nero and clonecd…and maybe blindread. so try fireburner, and no more coasters due to bad serials.


does nero do Raw Writing ???



he the_Matrix you can find it here

Fireburner 1.06 - size 456 KB
Fireburner 1.06 keygen - size 26 KB

  1. nero can do raw writing, and 2. fireburner =…and get the keygen just about anywhere.