CDRWin 3, 4 and 5 - same brand, different developers

I just posted the article CDRWin 3, 4 and 5 - same brand, different developers.

A lot of you probably already noticed that there are currently several versions of CDRwin available on the internet. CDRWin has always been developed by Goldenhawk, but the 5.x versions seem to be…

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There shouldn’t be any confusion over version numbers, It’s took just over 2 years for Goldenhawk to go from 3.7F to 3.8G so the v5.0 number won’t clash for a few years yet :slight_smile: And why does their website still have a screenshot of 3.7B on their homepage :slight_smile:

All I know for sure is that this version (v5) of cdrwin is piece of trash…

I was one of the first probably too test this so Called CDRwin v5.0, it installed a virtual cd cdrom drive, and killed my aspi drivers :frowning: When I uninstalled, it all 3 of my CDRom Drives has gone :c When I ran Nero, it said a serious error has occured, and it can fix and restore the missing drives, so I put my trust in it, and lo and behold my system was functioning again :wink: Greetz from The Diplomat :8

It’s great to hear that Goldenhawk is still developing the REAL CDRWIN! :slight_smile: I advise against using CDRWIN 5 as it WILL mess up your system! “In the mean time we used CDRWin 5.0 German in our latest review and tested the performance on protected CDs and we were suprised by it’s results.” If you want to deal with copy protections, go with CloneCD or even CDmate, NOT CDRWIN 5!

so i unistalled this cdrwin 5.0 and then all my cd-rom drives disappeared… so whatta hell i’m going to do now?? installing the cd-rom drives is not helping. Windows just says that it cannot load the drives for the cd-roms… any suggennios what to do? thx

well, i myself have been fooled too. I’ve uninstalled this shitty cdrwin 5 and now my EAC proggy cant read from my cd drives. All the rest works fine, just not that, i’ve uninstalled EAC and reinstalled, but alas. To anyone that reads this before installing cdrwin 5, DO NOT DO IT!!