CDRW2412A or CDD-6611/33 upgrade?

I currently use an LTR-24102B in my main home system. I was quite pleased to find that someone already asked if this CDRW could be upgraded/OC’ed but alas it appears that it cannot.

I recently acquired a CDD-6611/33 (24x12x40) from because the price was right and it was touted to come with an 8MB cache. I have hunted Google and found almost nothing posted on this drive or the apparent retail equivalent (CDRW2412A).

As an afterthought this drive is labeled to be made by Philips although they dont acknowledge it in any of my searches. Likewise, it shipped w/ Nero 5.5 OEM.

I was hoping one of you could tell me if it is possible to upgrade/OC this drive? Thanks!

I don’t know, but most drives is not overclockable…

And philips do not make 32X if I’m right so my best guess will be that it’s not possible.

Hello !!!

I need a Firmware-update for my CD-Recorder Phillips CDRW2412A, i think the Version 1.5 is to old, i need an newer Version
Can everyone help me?

Thanks a lot