Well experts and all

I live in Australia where the drive costs three times what it costs in US. So need good advice before i spend my cash on a drive.

Well the requirement would be to read and write all games(make copies of any game)

This is what I am thinking of at the moment

24xb liteon
12xb liteon
24x plextor

Well diff between 24x and 12x liteon: well if both make perfect copies is the trade of ‘speed’ or anything else as well. U would say go to the liteon site. Did that already and guess what? they dont even have the 24x listed there. oh yeh, how long does it take to burn a entire cd with both: 4min and 6 min repectively: is this correct?


The choice of your burner all depends on what you are going to use it for.

I would suggest reading through this forum, especially older posts (search function is not working properly, but set viewable posts to more than one week).

Lite-On provides good quality for lower price, but Plextor is the best, only with Safedisk 2 protection it has problems now and then, if I am not mistaken.

If you want to copy audio only get Plextor for sure, if you only plan on copying games, you mighth want to reconsider…

But do read other posts as well…they are a big help


I usually read those posts but am not quick to make the decision. I make audio cds from mp3 files downloaded from the net. I copy(backup) games, correction: wanna be able to copy anything.


If you want to copy audio only get Plextor for sure, if you only plan on copying games, you mighth want to reconsider…

Reconsider why?

I thought both these drives have no probs copying anything. the 12102b liteon costs Aus $250 and even the wholesalers here do not know of a brand plextor. 24x speed drives not avilable yet. There is no competetion here dam@#$

So I was thinking I’ll buy liteon 12 speed: but the question is does it let u copy every copy protection???

thanks for replies


What’s this 48 views and only one reply… Come on guys I know more people have these drives.

Ok answer me this

Liteon and plex 24x’s cdrw drive

By reading around in the forum I have come to the conclusion that plex 24x have improved after firmware updates but has this been also the case for the liteon.

Come on liteon owners, some details like dae speed and quality, securom, laserlok, which were poorly handled before as of review in Well have these figures improved to be in competetion with the plextor 24x

Well this is my last try
thanks in advance to all
special thanks to Da_Taxman for replying