Cdrw & XP- Not Reading


What could be preventing my cdrw from reading disks, since i upgraded to winxp pro?

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What could be preventing my cdrw from reading disks, since i upgraded to winxp pro? [/B]

try removing the drive in the hardware screen and reboot winxp will reinstall drive !

Thanks for replying, burnerchief…:slight_smile:

I had tried what you suugested, but to no avail.

What i had to do, was to only connect the liteon cdrw as the secondary master, with nothing else connected, and this got the writer working.

Only problem is, i cant use the dvd rom now.

I would like to know why this is the case, though, not being able to run two IDE devices on the secondary?

Check the jumper on the back of your optical drives. Set CDRW as Master and DVD as Slave.

Ive done that, Stoner, thanks though.

Im able to run one device as secondary master, but not discovered how to get a cdrw and a dvd rom working together as secondary master and slave.

Energiser: what hardware are you using? Especially the motherboard, I am intrested in…

/yoda mode off :slight_smile:

what did you use before winxp pro; installed sp1?
did it work then?

The motherboard i’m using is the Epox 8RDA+, and on the other system that has the same problem is an Albatron KX400+.

Systems as follows:

XP2100+ T/Bred
Epox 8RDA+
256MB PC 2700 (samsung)
Radeon 9000
WD 80Gb Hdd (2mb cache)
Liteon cdrw 48x12x48
Liteon 16x40 dvd rom

XP1800+ Palomino
Albatron KX400+
256mb PC 2700 (samsung)
Geforce 2 MX 400
Seagate 40Gb Hdd
Liteon cdrw 48x24x48
Dvd 10x

Both now running Winxp Pro

Both the above setups could run the cdrw’s and dvd rom’s with no problems whilst i was using Win98SE.

installed aspilayer?;nl;321641;EN-US;324129

did you use same cd for both pc’s then
maybe winxp pro cd problem?